Sunday, January 28, 2007

K-16 education -- a promise to our students and a promise to our future.

The linked September press release was a discussion of the value of a partnership between TPS and UT. It included an assessment of the great potential for Toledo if an educational program offered college scholarships to every qualified student graduating from TPS.

Today, the Blade reported on meetings being held between community leaders and UT “to explore whether the University of Toledo could help guide the academically and financially struggling Toledo Public Schools.”

The announcement of these meetings comes within a few weeks of the announcement that UT was offering Michigan residents 120 - $12,000 scholarships which may help increase UT enrollment. Could UT offer such scholarships to TPS graduates?

What is the potential of a K-16 program? It would
* Move Toledo into the forefront of US. Cities by creating a comprehensive educational program for our children from K through 16, as higher education is no longer an option but a necessity. Manufacturing jobs will continue to decline so our students must achieve higher education if they want to be employable.
* Increase enrollment in TPS.
* Offer equal opportunity for a college education at UT to every qualified student who graduates from TPS.
* Increase enrollment in UT.
* Encourage TPS teachers and administrators to reside in Toledo and have their children attend TPS.
* Create a vibrant, progressive community through higher education of our children. This is a catalyst to economic development.
* Increase population in Toledo.
* Increase tax revenue base.

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