Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Mind of Her Own?

I happened to listen to about 10 minutes of the conversation between Frank Szollosi and Fred LeFevre on 1370 as I was driving to work which took place the day after the Council vote on the President of Council. Much to my amazement, Frank bluntly stated that Mark Sobczak had done an excellent job of pulling Wilma Brown over to his view. Why do men presume that women of authority who don’t agree with them must have received divine guidance from another man? I assure you, Wilma Brown makes up her own mind and does not march to the drum of anyone else.

This was a ridiculous remark and indicative of the paranoia that exists today between the 2 fractured segments of the Democratic Party (or is 3 segments now, A-team; B-Team; Wilkowski-Team). Wilma stood her ground on the appointment of Phil Copeland and was sanctioned along with the rest for her vote. Wilma stood shoulder to shoulder with Frank and the other A-team Democrats during the Mayoral race but refused to demean anyone on either side. But now, those same A-teamers have turned their back on this same community leader, if the A-teamers want to berate the B-teamers for being mean and divisive, I think it is time they really look at their own conduct. They are not behaving any better. In essence, Frank is inferring that a Republican would be a better president of Council than a woman with 30 plus years of service to Toledo through Girl Scouts, School Board (president a number of time) and now City Council, a woman who votes her conscience regardless of the consequences. In essence, Frank is stating that Wilma is not capable of reaching her own conclusions nor capable of making good choices.

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