Monday, September 26, 2005

What's next?

Since March when Frank Szollosi introduced me at his fund raiser, I've attended every imaginable festival and event, smiled and shook hands with thousands of people, walked in parades, held press conferences and walked and walked and walked. It's been quite an experience and I'm so thankful to Frank, Teresa Fedor, Marcy Kaptur and Wilma Brown for the encouragement and enthusiasm for my campaign as they were the very first to believe in me. My Husband of 40 years, Rex, just keeps ticking... putting up signs, running errands, driving to events and ever and always helpful.

Do you know the very hardest part of all? Fund raising. Campaigns need money to run, money for the signs, the literature, mailings, advertising, stamps, paper, food..... it's hard to find time for a meal or to clean the house or do the laundry or pay the bills, go to the bank, visit a friend, get to church... because there is always something to do for the campaign.

We are quick to investigate then criticize the source of campaign funds and very quick to suggest we need campaign reform; however, how else does a candidate run for office without money? It would be true revelation if the news media spent as much time just covering the candidates without commentary as they do in editorializing on those that are chosen to review. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get any press coverage at all. In regards to the council candidates, Tom Troy of the Blade did an excellent job in 2 synopses of the candidates; but six times that coverage should be done so people are informed and know who is running for office.

There are a number of forums scheduled ... how many will you attend?

When a candidate approaches you at an event or even at your front door, do you duck and hide, turn away? or are you interested enough to say hello? If we don't visit the events or walk door to door, how will you get to know who we are?

Then there are the events which are open to the "sitting" candidates who already hold office and are running for re-election, but closed to candidates who do not hold office. At parades, we walk along the side of the rode as we are not permitted to have a float or participate. At dinners, those holding office are introduced, those who do not hold office are not. And yet, so many people have been so instrumental in helping the new candidates. Without the help of the PAC and Mayor Ford, I would not have survived the past 6 months of campaigning.

One of the best events of all is when the "seasoned" elected officials share their past experiences as a way to bolster the morale and keep us going. It's tough out there, but it's exhilerating, exciting, exhausting and an experience I will never regret. Thank you to every Toledo voter who cast a vote for me in the Primary. I'm out there working hard and again trying to raise some funds for the final 5 weeks before the election. See you November 8th if not before.