Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Missing Ellen Grachek

What a loss for Toledo!! Ellen Grachek, a responsible, intelligent member of city council with a realistic, analytical view of issues chooses to leave rather than do fundraising.

I understand her dilemma as I begin campaigning for council. It would be refreshing for Toledo residents if Ellen were successfully passed legislation which would limit the spending on Council and other local races.

In addition to candidate spending, any legislation must include amounts spent on behalf of candidates by outside organizations such as PACS. These expenditures are not included in candidate’s financial reports, so it would be necessary to include these expenditures as well.

It’s also time to put out the call to the media to provide unbiased, equal and proportionate coverage for all candidates so voters can make formed decisions based on facts rather than sound bites, candidate created ads and name recognition. This would be revolutionary in the world of politics.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we in 5 will miss Ellen. Smart. Principled. Served her constituents well. Though she voted the right way the overwhelming majority of the time, she unfortunately did fold like a cheap tent on the Westgate issue; she really should have pressed for a more pedestrian-oriented design, and, since Westgate wouldn't budge, she should have voted against any tax abatements for the project. This flaw aside, though, she was a fine councilperson.