Monday, February 22, 2010

Reciprocity vs. Regionalism

There is a great deal of conversation about Regionalism in government, is it
not time for Residential Regionalism?

To eliminate the reciprocity agreement would be very harmful to Toledo. It would be a determining factor to those who may want to live in Toledo even though they work outside our city. In all the comments about the residents who work outside Toledo , nothing is said about the thousands who work in Toledo but live outside the city. Their payroll taxes are paid to the place of employment not the place of residency. Toledo gets it all.

Have we reached a point in this region that the place of employment will dictate the place of residency? Where is Residential Regionalism?

Additionally, there was the option of adding 1/4 per cent temporary increase to the income tax for voter approval, or take the option to end reciprocity. Once again the choice is

Taxation through the stroke of the pen,,, instead of
Taxation through the stroke of the vote.