Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Letter from Keith Wilkowski

It is only fair to share a letter of apology received today from Mr. Wilkowski. It is for you as the reader to assess and decide the value of the apology. During the 3 years I campaigned, not on any one occasion did Mr. Wilkowski make any attempt to speak to me or even acknowledge my existence after he split from the Pac in 2005. As the consummate politician in Toledo, this method of shunning a candidate for office is not a mistake when repeated over a number of events. It is a method used to ensure the newcomer running for office fully understand his/her place in the political hierarchy of Toledo.

Mr. Wilkowski, thank you for the apology. It is the first acknowledgment I have received from you since 2005.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mayor 2009 -- commentary 1

So what of Wilkowski.. is he the person for Mayor? After his stint at Chairman of the LCDP, he jumped ship in 2005 and helped Jack Ford form the Lucas County Dems Pac, was the treasurer and sat in on the screening of those who were going to run for office with the pac. Surprise! His power ploy pushed him away from Ford and the pac after he ran a survey to prove his was a better candidate for Mayor. He jumped ship again, this time from the pac he helped form, to run his own bid for Mayor. Late in 2005, he then supported Vasquez in Bob's bid for City Council at Large and was pictured on lit pieces for Bob which were distributed in Point Place and Old Orchard. Ah, but Bob was not elected. Then McCloskey was thrown out when convicted but Santiago was appointed to the at-large seat. Bob decided to run for the seat anyway and did Wilkowski support him again (just months after the last race) --- no... he then supported McNamara. I asked for 5 minutes of his time before the district seat race started, he not only ignored me, but turned his back on me. I wasn't looking for anything, I knew he would support Cichy, I just wanted to talk. He put me in my place and let me know how worthless I was by his rude refusal to grant an "audience". I wonder if this is the type of person we want for Mayor. I was hoping Toledo would find someone who considered everyone of some value. Who will he represent? Who will he support. He turned his back on the Democratic Party, on Jack Ford and the Lucas County Democrats Pac; and on Bob Vasquez. Does this speak well of him? With the offices he has held, what has he accomplished which was memorable? Wilkowski with represent Wilkowski and Wilkowski will support Wilkowski. Show me something that says otherwise.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

REFUSE FEE LAWSUIT Amended Complaint

We filed an amended complaint in Common Pleas Court today enjoining the new refuse to the complaint and requesting a temporary and permanent injunction. Amended complaint

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lecture and Retort - Refuse Fee Lawsuit

Toledo City Paper satirist "Hildo" takes issues to task and unfortunately tends to be more concerned with ranting than facts. Regarding the lawsuit against the City over the Refuse fee, the author took me to task and admonished my "ignorance" regarding "taxation without representation". I strongly disagree with the assessment in the article "History for Dummies". Excerpt: "Err, sorry Karen, but your lawsuit seems pretty ridiculous on the face of it. Since when do voters get to approve every fee imposed on us? And you’re mixing your metaphors. Taxation with representation would mean the tax would be imposed by elected representatives, not voters directly. Which it was, since council had to vote to approve it in the final budget."

Now "Spartacus" takes up the cause of the Refuse Fee and defends the cause in a letter to the Toledo City Paper: Hail Carticus and His Disciples. Excerpt: "“We have always understood it to be a grand and fundamental principle of the English constitution that no free man should be subject to any tax to which he has not given his own consent“ -John Adams."

The battle wages on and well it should as this is dangerous legislation granting unlimited access to the taxpayers' wallets and unlimited funding capabilities without voter approval.

Continue to voice your disapproval loudly and relentlessly to our unresponsive City Council and Administration until they are required to respond responsibly in allocating the funds we labor daily to provide.