Monday, July 30, 2007

Walking & Comments

I spent several hours Sunday campaigning door to door near where I grew up. My best friend lived on the street when we were in high school and it brought back many wonderful memories. The comments were many and involved taxes (too much); trash (unfair); alleys (so bad they can't be used); crime; roads; guns.

Regarding the taxes, I was asked what as a council person can I do to stop the school levy being proposed (this from a school bus driver). Roads: they are so bad in some areas, it is impossible to get the bus down the streets. Trash: why are we paying an additional tax and getting less service, what was the real reason for the tax. Alley: they are so bad, everyone has to park on the street, they can't get back to the garages. Crime: we need something on the books that removes the children from the home of convicted sexual predators. It was heartbreaking to listen as a mother tell of a daughter who had 3 young daughters and was living with a sexual predator. The grandmother is near panic over it and the safety of the girls; there is nothing legally that can be done. Guns: he wanted to know my position; well, owning a gun is not my preference, but it is your right and none of my business, but we agreed it was disconcerting to think of a concealed weapon in a public park full of children. What of the school levy, council has not input on the TPS, so they wondered what the Mayor has to do with it, why they were talking to the Mayor about the levy. I explained he could only come out publicaly along with Council and advise the voters.

Alleys & Roads: As trash is collected, have the driver of the refuse truck note locations where roads need repair and alleys need cleaning. In the case of the alley, the refuse worker would turn in the report at the end of the run and the city would issue a warning to clean the alley within 30 days and if not cleaned, the refuse team would do so and the owner would receive a bill for the cost of cleanup. This would need union approval, but I'm confident they would work with the city to help effect this change.

When we "dump" our alleys, the owners no longer have access to their garages or off street parking which causes congestion on the streets. The alleys are as much a part of the city infrastructure as the roads and should be maintained. We should not abandon alleys.

Trash tax: CAN IT!!

Finally, after 3 hours and not one question about "strippergate", I commented to my friend who lives on the street and walked with me that no one had even mentioned "strippergate". She looked puzzled and asked, "What's that"?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

YouTube Where's Hildo?

In response to the article in the City Paper July 18, 2007, we put together the following video which discusses the issues relevant to District 2. YouTubeAD

Monday, July 23, 2007

Seniors in Self Defense

Karen Shanahan for Toledo City Council – District 2 * Committee to Elect Shanahan
3633 Denise Dr. * Toledo OH 43614
419-345-9862 *
NEWS RELEASE July 23, 2007
CONTACT: Karen Shanahan

Candidate Karen Shanahan Promotes Self-Defense for Senior Citizens

Toledo, Ohio. Karen Shanahan, martial arts student and Democratic candidate for Toledo City Council - District 2, announces that she will host a series of self-defense demonstrations for senior citizens. Sempai Shelly Blanco, of the Martial Arts Center, located at 5122 Heatherdowns and 7430 West Central, will be the instructor. There is no charge for these demonstrations, and the first one will be held:
Date: Thursday, August 2, 2007
Time: 11:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Place: Margaret Hunt Senior Center
2121 Garden Lake Drive (southeast of Arlington at South Detroit)

The media is invited to be present.

news release sent by Ellen Critchley, Critchley Creative
fax 419.710.0869

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Solar Energy

I'm ready for technology to find a way to replace oil in this country.
The Blade article shows there is some forward movement, but in the scheme of things, this is just the beginning. We've been waiting since the 70's for a "breakthrough" but as the gas prices dropped, the interest waned. On the campaign trailer, I spoke with an inventor who is working on fuel cells and trying to get funding. In believes if the money spent on the Iraq war had been spent on energy technology, our dependence on foreign oil would be down by 70%. I look forward to the day when the USA is no longer paying for foreign oil -- and it is possible... I ready for it to be probable!

Support of All Local Democrats - Press Release

July 13, 2007: Toledo, Ohio. Karen Shanahan, Democratic candidate for Toledo City Council - District 2, announces that she remains committed to the Lucas County Democratic Party and all local Democrats. She looks forward to working with all party stalwarts - leadership, elected officials, other candidates and volunteers - and to move the party forward together, ensuring victory for Democrats in 2007 elections and in the all-important 2008 Presidential election.

Vote of Conscience Not Coercion

The Blade article about Mr. Irish resigning
When I suggested to the Blade that the Central Committee should meet to vote on the retention or dismissal of Mr. Irish, I also was adamant that the vote should be taken by secret ballot to ensure a vote of conscience and not of coercion. I have been advised that the National by-laws of the Democratic Party do not allow a secret ballot.

I now understand why nothing ever changes in the LCDP. The comments and subtle threats and innuendos that when along with the recent issue are enough to train a person to only take the safe position and never disagree. Since there are differences of opinions on every issue, the voters then have elected officials and candidates towing the line of mediocrity with the hope of not offending anyone.

There is a chance the party can move forward if the next vote by the Central Committee is made by secret ballot. An interesting experiment would announce a secret ballot vote (I bet more members would attend) and once the ballots are collected, do the same vote by raise of hands. Do you think the results would be the same?

By the way… my vote is for Ellen Grachek to lead the Lucas County Democratic Party!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

City Property for Sale

As a child, I grew up in a house on a 30 foot lot, the houses were so close, and we shared an eaves trough. The house next door fell into disrepair as it became rental property and the owners decided to sell. My grandfather lived in the house on the other side of the property, so he and my parents together purchased the house and decided to tear it down. One permit required it be fumigated and when we reached the kitchen and pulled down the plaster, the walls were lined with dead cockroaches, hundreds of them. After it was demolished, the property was split in 1/2 and we then had a 45 foot lot. It was so wonderful, we had a yard to play in and grow gardens and flowers. I flooded the side lot in the winter and had a "skating rink" and it was good.

The point of my story is this, why not sell 30 foot residential lots to the owners of adjoining property for $1.00, agree to bundle all required permits for a total cost of $25.00 and if they demolish the property, give a rebate for the cost once the demolition is completed. This could potentially eliminate 100's of "nuisance" properties, which must be maintained by the city, put them back on the property tax rolls.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lead the LCDP

I just watched McNamara again about the "stripper" incident. He keeps calling for John Irish to resign. Does anyone know who he recommends for the position? One usually does not call for a resignation if one does not have someone lurking behind the scene ready to jump into the task. Would really like to know.

City Budget on Excel Spreadsheet

If you are an Excel Spreadsheet user, I have converted the budget from the PDF file supplied to Joe McNamara into an excel spreadsheet. It is color coded to match the sections of the original and each section is on a separate tab. Using pivot tables is very useful in analyzing the data to consolidate data. It is posted on my Web page:

Please let me know if you access the spreadsheet and if you found it useful.

Who Should be Mayor

I have a question for Tom Morrissey... who does he believe should be Mayor. If Carty is recalled, does he believe Rob Ludeman is the right person for the job?

Ellen Got it Right

Ellen turned a negative into a positive over the improper conduct of a young lady at the LCDP golf outing by requesting the party to take corrective action though by-law changes and working more diligently to recruit women for office. I wonder why Wade didn't speak with someone at the event and request immediate action when he witnessed the inappropriate behavior. It would not have received the media response, but it would have effectively prevented the continuation of the behavior. Had Wade addressed the incident when it was taking place and they refused to put a stop to it, I could understand creating the media frenzy which ultimately took place.