Thursday, June 28, 2007

Karen Shanahan YouTube Ad

I have the priviledge of working with a very creative, talented young man, Dan Adams, an old friend of my Son's. He has created the YouTube Ad and I wanted to share it with you. We need to get down to basics in city government: Repair the roads; Secure our neighborhoods; Can the trash tax; Support our Seniors; Empower small businesses. Let's take a stand today!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

River Road Park Update

List of City property for sale:

Areis (link)
click on Areis and type in under address 3620 River Rd. and data,

History of previous attempt to sell the Park

Many of the neighbors stopped by and commented: 1.) The city crews have been told not to maintain the river access on the hill; 2.) The hill to the river has become the dumping ground for the grass clippings when the park is mowed; 3.) The property was originally used to draw water for the treatment plant, it has tunnels throughout that go under River Road to the building in the main portion of the park on the north side of River Road; 4.) This unique piece of property should not be sold but maintained for quality of life of future generations of residents of Toledo.; 5.) Several years ago the City leaders met with the neighbors and put together a master plan for the park which included an overlook of the River and park benches.

I spoke with a neighbor with four generations who used the park and Maumee River access. We talk about the quality of life in Toledo and what amenities are of interest to visitors and those who may decide to reside in Toledo, parks are an essential part of our life and we must fight to maintain such valuable green space. It is also time to keep the promises and commitments made by the City administrators.

In 1999, The Mayor was approached by someone who wanted to purchase the property, so the property was quickly put up for sale ($299,900) but through public protest, the sale was stopped. Many of those at the Rally wondered if once again the Mayor had someone preselected for the sale based on another request to purchase the property. I think it is fair for Toledoans to know if this is the situation once again, so I will email the Mayor today and ask. Should I receive a reply, I will let you know.

A list of over 800 City of Toledo properties from the City Website is available to view in an excel spreadsheet which I created at posted at the following Google web page:

These 843 properties are financially draining our resources; the city needs to divest these properties. Every one of these properties is the responsibility of the City of Toledo and must be maintained. We should concentrate on selling such properties, not parkland that is used and would be used even more if the City properly maintained it.

City Administration has stated this is not a park, however, in Areis (link)

click on Areis and type in under address 3620 River Rd. and data,
the official description of the property is:
"RIVER TRACT 16 N 1/2 BET CANAL & BDWY EXC W 590.56 FT ON N LINE PT S OF N 45 FT ALSO LOT 1 BURNLEY WOOD S & ADJ N 250 FT PT BET BDWY & RIVER EXC NLY TRI 10 FT ON RIVER" "Zoning Description: Parks and Open Space"

The Mayor commented on Fox 36 evening news Saturday evening that I was doing this only to get a few votes and if I wanted the property, I could buy it for the $500,000 value. I'm doing this because I firmly believe we should retain this property for the public quality of life. Though we have a budget crunch and need to be more fiscally responsible, when the budget problem is resolved, this property should still exist for public use. I recognize the cynicism in the Mayor's comment, but the $500,000 price tag is exactly why this property should be retained, so the average resident of Toledo, like you and I, can enjoy the beauty of our city.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rally to Rescue the Park

3620 River Road at Brookford (west of Toledo Country Club) Please spread the word and attend the Rally. The sign went up on June 1st. On June 2nd when I went to the OLPH festival, a resident stopped and asked if I could do something to stop the sale. It seems every 5 years, they put this piece of parkland up for sale. Twice now, the neighbors have been able to stop the progress and the City took it off the market. This is prime riverfront property and one of the only parcels left in the area that is still public providing public access to the river. Once it is sold, it is lost to the public forever! JOIN ME SATURDY !! SPREAD THE WORD !! SUPPORT THE EFFORT !!

Rally to Rescue the River Front Park
Join District 2 Council Candidate Karen Shanahan at the Park
3620 River Road at Brookford
Saturday June 9
12:00 to 12:30

The City has listed this property for sale.
Do you want to lose this riverfront park?
It is the only remaining public access in the neighborhood.
Do you prefer public access or private ownership
Show your support for the park by attending the Rally
Adults, children, pets are invited.
Bring a sign to “Rescue the Park”
Karen will provide ice cream sundaes and music.
See you at the Park!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Veterans Bridge Dedication, June 23, 2007

We are so very pleased that Rex, my Husband, has been selected to sing the National Anthem at the Veterans' Glass City Bridge Dedication on June 23, 2007. He received a call from ODOT this past week inviting to sing as a representative of the American Legion. He feels so honored to represent the American Legion at such an historic event. We look forward to seeing all of you there. Rex has been honored to sing at a number of events in Toledo. I've included the photo from the 2006 Memorial Service in which he sang (he's wearing the red jacket and saluting)

For those of you who are Mud Hens fans, he will also sing the National Anthem at the game on July 4th (the 43rd anniversary of when we met). It will be a fun day.

OLPH Festival 2007

The OLPH festival was great, see photo of Volunteers from today, Sunday.
Back row is Sensei Hurtseller from the Martial Arts Center (; his son; our Son-in-law, Tony House (Executive Chef of the Navy Bistro); our Son, Herbert Shanahan III (he and his wife were visiting from Columbus OH); Middle row: Sempai Shelly Blanco's 2 sons; Me; Our Daughter-in-law, Chrystal Shanahan; 1st Row: Sempai Shelly Blanco from Marshal Arts Center; our Daughter, Jennifer House; and our Grandson, Henrik House. On the previous days, my Aunt, Margart Aton; her husband, Bob Aton; and Granson, Alex, also campaigned with me.

We met so many District 2 folks and it was good to hear their comments. #1 concern.. job growth; #2 concern.. taxes, specifically the "trash tax", #3 concern.. difficulty of small business working with Toledo. However, everyone agreed District 2 is a fantastic area of Toledo and a wonderful place to live. My Aunt, Margaret Aton, (we're the same age)has had children endrolled at OLPH and now her grandson attends, she was great taking me around to meet and greet her friends at the parrish.