Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trash Tax and Class Action

To all in Toledo, if the Trash Tax is deemed unconstitutional by the courts (will take about another 2 to 3 years) would you want a refund? Or would you say, "gee, the City stole that money from me, it was not legal, but they need to keep the money, I don't want a refund". How many of you go back to the checkout at the store when they charge you too much for an item? Well, if you want a refund if the tax is deemed unconstitutional, you need to fill out and mail a protest form... today! If you do, let us know so we can keep a list to join you in the class action. Here is a link to the form: TRASH TAX PROTEST

Then email and advise you protested: TRASHTAX@GMAIL.COM

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utoledofan said...

Bravo! It is great to see active Americans who hold our elected servants accountable. Keep up the good work