Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Charter Schools

I don't understand the thought process on Charter Schools by Governor Strickland who professes to be concerned with the education of our children. Why is a child who attends a charter school worth less to the state than a child in a public school? Or is the funding a way to destroy charter schools and end the threat of competition to public school systems within the state. President Obama recognizes this is the only hope we have of improving our schools systems, if the charter schools are squelched and choice is removed from parents essentially forcing placement in substandard public schools, we will continue on the road to complacency. A child in a charter school does not take one cent from public schools, rather the money follows the child. This is disgraceful.

I speak from experience which was bitter and painful as I watched our bright, delightful grandchild tormented and abused in first and second grade in public school and no one cared. He has blossomed, grown and flourished in the Charter School program. The teachers and administrators respond to concerns by listening and with caring. They offer suggestions and accept recommendations leaving behind the hidden agenda of protecting the school system and not the child.

I ask again, why is this child worth less (or shall we say "worthless) to the State of Ohio because he attends a charter school. Protect the choice of school selection and equalize the funding for charter schools.

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