Sunday, April 26, 2009

Letter to Gov. Strickland, Charter Schools, #2

I emailed you on April 14th, regarding Charter Schools. Our grandson received horrible treatment by teachers in the Toledo Public School system and no one cared. As a result, he was enrolled in a Charter School, Wildwood Environmental Academy and has excelled. My question was this: why is he worth less to the state of Ohio than a child enrolled in public school? I did not receive a reply to this question.

I now have a second question, have you visited any of the Charter Schools to see first hand why parents choose to enroll their children in an alternative educational program? I would like to invite you to visit Wildwood and see how much they accomplish with so little funding. Our Grandson will attend Knight Academy next fall. It is operated by St. Francis DiSalle. I extend an invitation for you to visit the school he will attend next year. This would be an eye opener for you and your staff if you were will to visit with an open mind. Please advise when you would like to visit, I will contact the schools and make the arrangements for you.

I await your replay and acceptance of this offer. In Toledo, your biased opinions are affecting 3000 children.

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