Saturday, August 04, 2007

Self Defense and Seniors

The demonstration of self-defense methods held at the Margaret Hunt center was such a positive event! The Seniors and the staff thoroughly enjoyed the program and it offered realistic methods to prevent attack. My Mom, Pauline, Grandson, Henri (Mom was taking care of him Thursday) and Mom's friend, Maxine, attended and participated. Henri, 9, gave a demonstration of an "elbow strike" (he's been taking martial arts for 4 years now) and everyone applauded at his technique. It was a huge plus that media came and was willing to focus on the need for such training for Seniors. Several mentioned that it never occurred to them to use any of the techniques we demonstrated. I have another class schedule for Sept. 5 at the Eleanor Kahle Senior Center and hope it will be as informative and well received by the next group of Seniors.

Many thanks to Shelly Blanco for generously giving her time to teach self defense at the event, she willingly gives of her time for demonstrations throughout the city. Working with her has been a privilege and totally positive experience!

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