Monday, August 20, 2007

News Release: "Accentuate the Positive" in District 2

Toledo, Ohio. Karen Shanahan, second-level white belt martial arts student and Democratic candidate for Toledo City Council - District 2, announces release of her third video on This video accentuates the many positive aspects of District 2 and how negative aspects need to be eliminated.

Shanahan promotes preserving our parks, repairing the rough roads, fostering a small business alliance, encouraging block watch and securing our streets, “canning” the trash tax and advocating for senior citizens.

The video was created for her campaign by Dan Adams, and may be viewed at Accentuate


-Sepp said...

It would be nice to see something positive getting done in district 2 for a change since Ludeman has been nothing short of a dismal failure on all fronts. My only fear of pulling the lever for a Democrat in Toledo is that before the election they tout how different they are from the rest of the pack and, afterwards join the pack.

Karen SHANAHAN said...

I'm self financed, new to politics and 61 years old having ventured into campaigning at age 58. I will vote the issues not politically correct to advance a career in office as I have no further aspirations in public office. If you read the biography on my web page, it covers it pretty well. I'm offering an independent democratic voice with life experience and a determination to move District 2 forward. We are having a get together tomorrow (Sunday 9/9) from 3 to 6. Stop by and get acquainted ... I'll put you to work!

Karen SHANAHAN said...

The get together is at 3633 Denise Dr. Toledo 43614

-Sepp said...

Put me to work? HA! I was going to put YOU to work yesterday when you missed our block party we had two other district 2 hopefulls show up but I only got to grill one of them with actual questions. I guessing the other one dodged me!