Thursday, August 02, 2007


Letter to the Editor posted in the Toledo Free Press:

I'm concerned with the ethics of elected officials, not only those who commit the violations, but also those who stand aside and ignore criminal activity. In recent years, elected officials who were aware of violations by Mr. McCloskey remained mute until the violations were brought to the attention of authorities by businesses in the community.

The ethics laws are irrelevant if violators are not reported. Tightening ethics laws, making them more stringent is of no value if no one speaks up and reports the violators. It is as though there is a code of silence or a fear of embarrassment or retribution if the truth is brought forward. It is difficult to report peers for violations, but we elect officials to make difficult choices.

There were no repercussions for the silence of our elected officials in the McCloskey incident; in fact, those who chose silence were re-elected. We should expect and demand higher standards of the elected leaders of our community, they should set the example, not explain away the lack of action. Those who remain silent and allow the ethics violations to continue enable criminal conduct. There should be sanctions imposed on elected officials who elect to remain silent.

Karen Shanahan, Toledo City Council Candidate, District 2

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