Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Roads or Roses

Council deemed it necessary to levy a new tax so the 2007 budget could be balanced. It is now even a greater responsibility for Council to ensure every expenditure is essential rather than optional.

The additional expenditure of $39,900 for flowers at the gateways is questionable when we have roads in District 2 that are in the condition of S. Beverly Hills Drive. Some may consider $39,900 a drop in the bucket against a budget in excess of $240,000,000, but every drop counts.

I urge Council to carefully weigh any spending requests – we need roads not roses.


Neighborhood Concerns said...

we need roads not roses

Neighborhood Concerns said...

we need roads not roses;

The road is there but poorly maintained which is part and parcel of the poor planning and implementation of actions of administrations and city councils.

We need jobs and employers also to grow the tax base so the roads, curbing and so on can be maintained.

We have fewer and fewer to drive on thew roads so for me the bigger question is; what will be done to bring new life to Toledo first and then fix the infrastructure later.