Saturday, March 31, 2007


Prior to the Council vote for the budget on Friday, I held a press conference to encourage Council to stay strong against the trash tax.  I still feel there are unanswered questions, but wanted to share the text of the press conference on the blog page.
How should Council balance the budget?

We're told there has not been a tax increase since the ¾% increase was passed in 1982.

Incomes have increase 8 times since 1982.

This equates to 8 times more revenue per wage earner

I want to encourage City Council to remain committed to no new taxes or fees and let them know they have our support.

The 4.5 million increase in additional employee benefits increases the budget by 2% while the expected increase in revenue is estimated at 1.6%.

What comprises the remaining 4.8% increase?  During the Town Hall meeting, there were many charts and graphs showing how inexpensive our services were and how little we paid compared to other cities, however, there was not explanation what was the cause of the 4.8% increase. 

I received a 2% pay raise in January, then my employer raised the employee portion of medical insurance which absorbed 36% of the raise.  Should the trash tax pass, it will gobble up another 15% of the raise.

We have witnessed a decline of 60,000 residents over the past decade in Toledo.  The continued call for more taxes imposed on residents which will cause even a greater exodus of residents and   businesses.  Balance the city budget, don't budget our family balance!

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