Sunday, April 22, 2007

Roads or Roses Photo Album

I went through the neighborhood and took some photos of the streets on S Beverly Hills Drive, E. Beverly Hills Drive and Roberta. One of the neighbors mentioned they have not dome anything but patches in 20 years. The roads are in sad condition -- how does this look to visitors?


Neighborhood Concerns said...

The pictures look about as good as the bus stop pictures I can take and will, that are littered with trash from the fast food restaurants nearby as the riders have no place to throw the trash.

On to a more important issue, with the recent revelation by Councilwoman Shultz who has remained silent for 13 years about the budget process in Toledo and how the information is so poorly handled; “We were forced to make an educated guess when it came to the budget and not a very good one at that. We do not have up-to-date equipment that can produce real time financial data.”

How and what are you proposing to do to correct the problem(s) while the Mayor is out planting flowers and the city council is not watching over the operation of the city and some of its members are silent.

Will you be part of the silence too?

Karen SHANAHAN said...

Neighborhood Concerns,
Regarding Betty's article, it is often believed that presenting information is adversarial rather than informative if it highlights a weakness. I don’t agree. As a resident of Toledo, the article creates more questions than it answers. Does the City have a server, which houses the data? Betty states the information is on "one desktop computer". Is there a detailed instruction manual on the financial program? Betty states, "There's only one person who understands it and that's the programmer who customized it". I work for a company with 3000 employees in 20 offices throughout the country with 1.5 billion dollar annual revenue and all offices are connected on one server. This is not rocket science. What I would do: 1.) I would require the budget be presented to Council in an electronic format, which can be used to analyze the data provided. Using a hard copy, 65 page, 8 pt. document is antiquated and impossible. 2.) I would continue to press on the budget throughout the year. City Council should continue working on the budget to make necessary reductions in expenditures so there is not a $17mm deficit as projected for next year. 3.) On Council, I will offer to Toledo residents, information as needed and requested on the state of the budget. 4.) Improve the financial system by at least requiring the IT department create a user friendly manual on the system; 5) Require the budget be located on the server since having it on a single desktop computer (if that is truly the case) is risky at best. Over the last 20 years, a major function has been to analyze as many as 20,000 rows of data and present it in a one page, logical format. This skill will be extremely beneficial as a Council member.