Friday, September 22, 2006

Safety Services Numbers

I was listening to an interview with a representative of the Police Patrolmen’s Union and some of the numbers being quoted gave me pause for thought.
692 number of policemen
300 number of patrolmen on the beat
120 number of Command officers
292 number of policemen assigned to other duties besides patrolling the streets
33 number of patrolmen on any given day out of service for various reasons
67 number of patrolmen available per day at each stationhouse for 3 shifts

A few other relevant numbers:
77 per cent of city budget allotted to police and fire services in Toledo
23 per cent of city budget remaining for all other services

1. Does a ratio of 2.5 men to each Command Officer seem somewhat top heavy?
2. What per cent of the city budget do other communities spend on safety services?
3. What is the breakdown of assignments for the remaining 292 policemen?

No comment on these numbers… only observations.


Kate said...

I'm very surprised by these numbers Karen. Are you going to research comparative communitites? If not - I might dig around. This has gotten me curious - and short of working with explosives - why would you need a supervisor for 2.5 of anything?

Yes - seems very top heavy and 300 patrolman on duty is grossly insufficient.

Karen SHANAHAN said...

If you do the research ... that would be wonderful... because
I'm curious myself. I got the information from an interview on 1370 and also was confirmed by a retired policeman. I would also like to know what the responsibilities are of the Command Officers. I asked
the policeman and he just rolled his eyes at me. He said it is a
contract negotiation item.

Interestingly, he also said that injured policemen are not guaranteed light duty (working the desks) and can be bumped by anyone else. If not fit to work in the field and bumped from light duty, they have to take disability retirement.

Please share your results

Kate said...

I have been searching tonight Karen and cannot find anything useful.

I don't have a contact in law enforcement - how do you go about finding what the staffing quidelines are? Never ran into this one before.

On the face of it I'd have to say there are too many butts in chairs at the Toledo Police Dept and they need to get out hoofing it.

Would take care of our gang problem in a hurry if - oh say 120 Command officers took a night beat once a week. On their feet. On the street.

Kate said...

I guess given the recent events in Toledo - that we do not need any research to substantiate that there is not a high enough percentage of police officers on the payroll in Toledo, on the street.

Every single non-essential adminstrative officer should be put on the street. And right away.