Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fly Away

It would set an expensive, ineffective precedent to require all city employees to fly out of Toledo Express rather than Detroit or other airports on City business. Though it is important to support our airport and it is the preferred airport I have used, let's face it.... the accessibility of flights has diminished over the past years. Rather than a requirement to use Toledo Express regardless of cost and time, we need a provision which "allows" using the airport even if more expensive as there is currently a mandate requiring the least expensive source possible. However, this too needs some parameters; i.e., only if no more than 25% more expensive than other airports.

This would "enable" rather than "restrict" choices and allow for common sense to prevail.

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Kate said...

This makes sense. If people don't utilize our airport, ticket prices will remain high. Somebody will have to bite the bullet and buy the ticket.

The cost associated with an operation like this are reflected in ticket prices. Fewer ticket sales equal higher ticket prices. More ticket sales will equate to lower fares. Just averaging the costs over a larger number of flyers.