Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vote of Conscience Not Coercion

The Blade article about Mr. Irish resigning
When I suggested to the Blade that the Central Committee should meet to vote on the retention or dismissal of Mr. Irish, I also was adamant that the vote should be taken by secret ballot to ensure a vote of conscience and not of coercion. I have been advised that the National by-laws of the Democratic Party do not allow a secret ballot.

I now understand why nothing ever changes in the LCDP. The comments and subtle threats and innuendos that when along with the recent issue are enough to train a person to only take the safe position and never disagree. Since there are differences of opinions on every issue, the voters then have elected officials and candidates towing the line of mediocrity with the hope of not offending anyone.

There is a chance the party can move forward if the next vote by the Central Committee is made by secret ballot. An interesting experiment would announce a secret ballot vote (I bet more members would attend) and once the ballots are collected, do the same vote by raise of hands. Do you think the results would be the same?

By the way… my vote is for Ellen Grachek to lead the Lucas County Democratic Party!


Man with the Muck-rake said...

Interestingly, your yard signs were shown during a video clip on Ch. 13 in the entrance to the LCDP.

How were you able to display them there?

Karen SHANAHAN said...

Muck-rake: As I posted on your blog this morning: Interesting art work on my sign on your blog. You may want to also post the sign as it is and not only as you imagine it. I was under the impression we Democrats were called to unify and work together, which is what I'm trying to do. As you will recall, I have on 3 occasions taken a view contrary to the current Administration. I don't need party endorsement for financial reasons as I'm self-financed, however, after the 2005 race and the animosity between the 2 teams and the call by Mr. Redfern to unite and work together, I chose to screen with the party as did Mr. Cichy. We have attended the weekly meetings at HQ together a number of times. My signs are at HQ as part of the strategy used to work together as candidates to put signs out at events. No one is being endorsed for District 2.. we are on our own.

Man with the Muck-rake said...

My signs are at HQ as part of the strategy used to work together as candidates to put signs out at events

Oh really? Your signs in 2005 were not permitted to be displayed at the LCDP headquarters. Did Montalto turn over a new leaf of love and friendship?

Karen SHANAHAN said...

Muck Rake, you're funny.

The Lure-Man said...

Unique ~ this district 2 of ours is!

Many Chiefs, and very few indians willing to open their mouths for the common good!

Ward, &/or Precinct Captains? OMG, do they actually still exist? (other than on paper?) They're totally invisable, and even further from making themselves available to the: 'common, everyday, run-of-the-mill voter', for information &/or direction.

I've tried, Karen, believe me! But I still don't really know who you are, and, where/what part of District 2 you still call home; as a reason to seek the seat for the District?

"Lifetime Old-South-Ender" ~ I got that!
Graduated Libbey HS '65 ~ got it!
TU & an assoc. degree ~ great!
Married, w/2 grown children ~ got that too!
Working for a major national logistics corp. ~ kudo's on the position!
Democrat, and evidently endorsed as well(though it doesn't say that anywhere) Fine! Got it!
All we Dems, are supposed to be working together; for our nation, our state, our city, the good of the party, and for our neighborhoods! Got that as well.

But, other than the typical, straight "party-line jargon" you're dishing out in print & here online ~ what is it that makes you different enough from all the other totally non-descript, "wannabees", running for city council office for the first time; to garner my vote in the pre-lims?

Are you even "allowed" to say? Or would doing that, irk 'someone' in the LCDP (Part A or Part B) that shouldn't be bothered by it all?

Just FYI: NO, I'm not some kind of anymous Blog-poster; or someone from "that other party", trying to make waves! I've been a registered, and VOTING Democrat; for every election, since my Old 14th Ward days, back in 1965. I'm just getting really sick & tired of being told to shut my mouth & mind my own business! It's becoming too doggoned expensive, to keep doing that in this city any longer!

I just don't know you from Adam!

C'mon! Help a guy make up his mind! What EXACTLY is it that you think you can offer this city, and its citizens, that hasn't already been promised by every "do-nothing", "hide your head in the sand" professional-politician, that's on city-council today?

Are WE voters, really "still on our own", as you said to 'muck-rake'? Or, can you possibly be THE ONE person, that can actually make a difference, now, AND in the future?

Are you willing to "Stand-Up" for us? Or, are you just trying to "take a seat & do nothing"?

Karen SHANAHAN said...

Thank you for your interest in me as a candidate for District 2. I'll do my best to respond as you give much to consider.
In 2005 when I ran for At-large, I had never heard of "Ward, &/or Precinct Captains", this 2 year process has been a real education on politics in Toledo!
"Democrat, and evidently endorsed" don't feel endorsed, but I'll take your word for it.
"ired of being told to shut my mouth & mind my own business" what happens in city government is everyone's business, we should be vocal but at the same time be able to listen and accept that there is more than one view to an issue.
"hide your head in the sand" professional-politician, that's on city-council today?" I'm not a professional-politician, I just think there is a little bitty window which has opened and maybe, just maybe, I'll be let in and be elected. I do not have any aspirations in government other than City Council and if I'm done after one term, I'll say, "yep, I did it, put my heart and soul in it and did more than just talk about wanting things to change". I wonder if I, as one person, can effect change, but realize, no I can't, but I can help guide the process foward to improve Toledo.
I have never been involved as a volunteer or an employee and been satisfied to sit back and do nothing, and I've always make a difference through very hard work, ethics and principles.
There is one absolute in government, decisions must be made and there will be some that approve while others disapprove; but I really believe if a logical explanation is given for the decision, there will be acceptance.

I had a call from an elected official prior to my press conference on the "outraged" issue and it was suggested I was "afraid" of one segment of the party. It was an unpleasant conversation and I was basically threatened not to hold the press conference, but I believed in what I had to say.

Lure-man, let me assure you I'm not afraid of anyone in politics because my life does not rise on fall on whether I get elected, I have not been in politics for 59 years and if I'm not elected, I'll survive quite well.


There is nothing I can say to convince you I will be a voice for the voters, that simply comes down to trust. Can you trust me? Can you believe me? It seems you have supported many and been disappointed by quite a few. My only fear is that I will disappoint the residents of Toledo who elect me to office.

Let's talk, stop by and visit during one of the meet & greets referenced in the blog