Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rally to Rescue the Park

3620 River Road at Brookford (west of Toledo Country Club) Please spread the word and attend the Rally. The sign went up on June 1st. On June 2nd when I went to the OLPH festival, a resident stopped and asked if I could do something to stop the sale. It seems every 5 years, they put this piece of parkland up for sale. Twice now, the neighbors have been able to stop the progress and the City took it off the market. This is prime riverfront property and one of the only parcels left in the area that is still public providing public access to the river. Once it is sold, it is lost to the public forever! JOIN ME SATURDY !! SPREAD THE WORD !! SUPPORT THE EFFORT !!

Rally to Rescue the River Front Park
Join District 2 Council Candidate Karen Shanahan at the Park
3620 River Road at Brookford
Saturday June 9
12:00 to 12:30

The City has listed this property for sale.
Do you want to lose this riverfront park?
It is the only remaining public access in the neighborhood.
Do you prefer public access or private ownership
Show your support for the park by attending the Rally
Adults, children, pets are invited.
Bring a sign to “Rescue the Park”
Karen will provide ice cream sundaes and music.
See you at the Park!

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