Sunday, June 03, 2007

OLPH Festival 2007

The OLPH festival was great, see photo of Volunteers from today, Sunday.
Back row is Sensei Hurtseller from the Martial Arts Center (; his son; our Son-in-law, Tony House (Executive Chef of the Navy Bistro); our Son, Herbert Shanahan III (he and his wife were visiting from Columbus OH); Middle row: Sempai Shelly Blanco's 2 sons; Me; Our Daughter-in-law, Chrystal Shanahan; 1st Row: Sempai Shelly Blanco from Marshal Arts Center; our Daughter, Jennifer House; and our Grandson, Henrik House. On the previous days, my Aunt, Margart Aton; her husband, Bob Aton; and Granson, Alex, also campaigned with me.

We met so many District 2 folks and it was good to hear their comments. #1 concern.. job growth; #2 concern.. taxes, specifically the "trash tax", #3 concern.. difficulty of small business working with Toledo. However, everyone agreed District 2 is a fantastic area of Toledo and a wonderful place to live. My Aunt, Margaret Aton, (we're the same age)has had children endrolled at OLPH and now her grandson attends, she was great taking me around to meet and greet her friends at the parrish.

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