Friday, October 02, 2009

Scream, yell and stamp your feet in protest!

As City Council again weighs the issue of the "Refuse Fee" and again contemplates raising it, the issue is not if it should be raised, but that it is not legal.

Each time the "refuse fee" is discussed, there is a whimper of protest from Toledoans which quickly dies away. The residents are lulled into believing Toledo City must have this money.

Outraged, we should be outraged; it is not legal and is nothing short of a thief breaking into your homes, stealing your money.

Toledo: Scream, yell and stamp your feet in protest! This is a tax disguised as a fee that the Ohio Revised Code forbids unless passed by a majority vote of the residents,

I repeat, the real issue is that this "fee" is legal, not whether Council should raise the "fee". The courts ruled this is a "tax" and as such, is unconstitutional. Now the question is whether the City keeps the illegally collected taxes.

Will the City be required to return the funds? That is the question before the 6th District Court of Appeals, should this be a class action suit and include every resident who pays the "fee"?

Once again, I implore City Council to avoid the temptation to raise more easy money from residents with this "fee" which is, in fact, an illegal "tax".

Once again, I implore the residents of Toledo to file a protest against the fee.

1, Go to
2. Click "Trash Tax Protest Form"
3. Print the form
4. Fill it out the form
5. Mail the completed form to the Department of Public Utilities
6. Email to notify the Attorneys representing you in this lawsuit that you filed.

Every thief justifies his actions claiming he had no other option. Don't let the city get away with this theft. Fight it, don't relent, make your voice heard. If the City needs money, then get it legally.

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