Sunday, June 21, 2009

Appointment to fill the City Council Seat

No doubt, Steve Steele is a bright, articulate candidate for City Council. But his primary role over the next few months is to get elected to office and appointing Steve to fill the City Council seat vacated by Mark Sobczak will only acerbate the Council proceedings and decisions. It will become a political campaign, whether or not intentional.

I ask you once again, think beyond party politics and political paradigms, appoint a statesman with no political ambitions.

Steve will have plenty of time, talent and resources to run his campaign for election. Toledo needs efforts and attentions directed to resolving the issues facing our embattled city and City Council, Toledo does not need this appointment bo becoma a campaign to be elected to office.

Karen Shanahan
3633 Denise Drive, Toledo 43614
419 380 0244

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Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Obviously you misunderstood the political NEED to win, trumps the needs of the sheeple and the need for altruistic leadership, if only for a few brief months...

Again, the dominant party has decided to tell the voters to relax, grab your ankles and relax; it'll hurt less that way...

With 50 or so years of one party dominance, what would you expect?

(I'd expect to be offered a jar of Vaseline laced with sharp sand...)