Saturday, May 02, 2009

Negotiations in Good Faith? NOT

If the average yearly income of a police officer is $50,000, the 10% PERZ pick up that they employee should pay but the city picks up would equal $5,000. In the last "negotiation" that Mr. Reinbolt supposedly signed off on, it is reported that the union agreed to pay their 10% for one year ($5000 x 1100 employees which includes the fire department $5,500,000). Looks good, reasonable and responsible on the part of the Union to accept such concessions... until the 26 extra days with pay is factored into the numbers. So you realize, 26 days X $192 per day pay = $5000, a wash, no savings. What would we gain? Where are the concessions?

Also consider this,
26 days extra days off with pay
21 days vacation
13 holidays
14 days sick leave (which accumulates)
and we have 14 weeks off per police officer with several years service,$50,000 per year annual salary (plus overtime) and no contribution to health benefits. How can we sustain a police force with part time police at full time pay?

To support this pay and benefit package, City Council is to demand of the residents that we pay more taxes and fees to support this type of contract. Unbelievable and inconceivable.



Hooda Thunkit said...


So then, why did the City agree to this kind of deal?

Political expediency would be my guess, along with blind faith that the economy would always support the agreement.

If the contract was bad, then the City should have never have agreed to it.

But they did. . .

Karen SHANAHAN said...

They passed the contract to be politically expedient, to get elected to office, in a time when Toledo was prospering. The shortsightedness and desire for office now have strangled the residents and the taxpayers. Council approved the contracts and is as responsible as the administration for the mess. Let's see if Council has the nerve and fortitude to hold tight and not pass more revenue "enhancements."

I spoke to a person who will be running for office (again), he questioned me on the Refuse Fee Lawsuit and wondered what the City would do without that income they so desperately need. My response, “get it legally” not by stealing with an illegal trash tax. It disturbs me that we are willing to yield to incompetent budgeting and financial management of our money.

The city employees must offer concessions, we haven’t the funds to support their contracts.