Friday, March 27, 2009

Refuse Fee Lawsuit - CALL to ACTION

If you believe the Refuse Fee is not a legal form of revenue for the City or if you want to protest this additional fee, it is requested you file a formal protest when you pay the bill or send it to the City. Join the fight, be included, let your voice be heard. Here is the format for the protest:

Date _________________

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 2723.03, I hereby notify the City of Toledo that I am paying the “refuse fee” under protest. Whether construed as a “tax,” “fee,” or “assessment,” the “refuse fee” is unlawful for the following reasons:

The “refuse fee” essentially functions as a property tax; and

The Ohio Constitution requires a referendum before such an assessment may be levied.

For the reasons stated above, I intend to sue under Revised Code §§ 2723.01-2723.05 for the purpose of recovering this unlawful appropriation in its entirety.





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