Sunday, October 26, 2008

Insults Unwarranted

On Thursday afternoon, Nov. 23, as I was listening to the Brian Wilson radio show, he was describing the incident in which a McCain volunteer was attacked and had a “B” carved in her cheek. She claimed the assailant beat her after he saw the McCain sticker on her car bumper. As I listened, my thoughts were how awful that a young woman was beaten and that I could not imagine someone would be so demented as to do this because a person was a volunteer for a campaign. As it was later reported, the victim recanted her story.

However, to my shock, as the radio station was about to go to a commercial break, Brian Wilson made a comment… that’s those liberal Democrats for you. I was stunned, angry, enraged that he would categorize every liberal Democrat into a classification of radical, violent people who would do something so awful. He vilified a large segment of Americans.

Through the many Wilson broadcasts, I’ve listened to him frequently denigrate Democrats but believe at the same time he offers some worthwhile information, so I ignore the insults and demeaning comments. However, after this last comment, I believe it is time for Mr. Wilson to understand that I, along with many other residents of Toledo and his listening audience are Democrats and proud of that fact. We are no more or less worthy citizens than any other God fearing, hard working, law-abiding member of society. Mr. Wilson owes us an apology.

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Hooda Thunkit said...


I too caught that comment and thought it out of line.

That said though, in this town, it's one of those minor annoyances that one usually lets slide, considering the overall level of that is being thrown around by both sides.

Still, that doesn't make it, or any other comments of this type acceptible...