Friday, August 22, 2008

Refuse Collection Performance

If you have a problems with the refuse collection at your home, it does make a difference if you call the Refuse Department and complain. So if you are frustrated or unhappy with the performance, call and let the City know, request a Supervisor to come out and inspect. The employees receive a bonus for each 2 week period they work of .80 per hour. If there are complaints, it impacts the bonus:

2121.117 Weekly Unlimited Refuse Pay

“The rate of incentive pay during the life of the contract will be established at eighty cents (.80) per hour.

The incentive pay will be made to employees by means of a separate check being issued quarterly to the employee for the number of hours for which the employee is entitled to receive the pay.

(b) Each crew will be evaluated as to the performance of its duties for each two (2) week pay period. A system will be established to keep record of bona fide complaints which have been investigated by the Foreman and are determined to have been justified. The complaints for which a crew's pay will be reduced are as negotiated between the City and the Union and are entitled, bona fide complaints for which incentive pay will be reduced. When bona fide complaints against a crew have been determined to be justified, the incentive pay of the crew will be reduced in accordance with Table 1.

Bona Fide Complaints - Percent Reduction of Incentive Pay In 2-Week Period - For That 2-Week Period
0 - 4 0%
5 - 6 20%
7 - 8 40%
9 - 10 60%
11&over 80%"

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