Saturday, May 19, 2007

Zooming in on the Zoo

I was putting papers in the recycle box and came across the photo of the polar bear cub, he is so cute and the children visiting the Zoo are so excited about the cubs. How great for our Zoo. After much controversy in 2005, it seems most of the issues are not resolved and the Zoo is again on an even keel. The new Director must be given high praise for her actions in quieting the polarized, heated debates which took place. I know at the meeting I attended in 2005, the answers were less than straightforward and I was very frustrated at the inaccurate and misleading information being provided. It is difficult to question any aspect of Zoo leadership as residents of Toledo have grown up with the Zoo and it is near and dear to us, so when anything the management does is questioned, it is done so at the risk of appearing to be anti-zoo. The issue of eminent domain was the basis of much of the heated argument and discussion and when we were told they could not take anything by eminent domain, when pressed, the word was changed from "couldn't" to "wouldn't" so in truth, the rezoning does allow seizure of land by eminent domain. Though this is not a major issue for me, the fact that the representatives tried so diligently to indicate it "could not" happen was of great concern and frustration.

I LOVE MY ZOO -- and, thankfully, enough public outcry and debate required the necessary changes and prioritization to ensure the Zoo was put back on the right path to ensure it would remain a wonderful attraction to Toledo. This is just one more example of the effect concerned citizens can have when an institution becomes an issue. Thank goodness.. our Zoo is again thriving!

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Spencer J. Trumm said...

I was delighted to hear that three new polar bear cubs have arrived at the zoo. I agree, the zoo is a great resource.

The bears will be a great attraction for the zoo and the city. I hope, however, that everyone who loves the zoo decides to do more to fight global warming and climate change. Global warming leads to the melting of ice caps and prevents the seas from freezing during the winter. Polar bears need the seas to freeze in order to hunt and feed. Great as the zoo is, it would be a tragedy if in ten years, zoos were the only places where people could see these magnificent creatures.