Saturday, October 15, 2005

Good News / Bad News -- What gets reported?

Today is a sad day for Toledoans and it seems some of the problems were driven by free media exposure provided throughout the past week. As I was driving to work earlier this week, I caught some of the interview with a Nazi protestor on 1370. The comments were inflammatory and disgusting. As I listened (briefly because I couldn't handle many of the comments) I wondered why the news media was providing so much free exposure to a group of out of towners bent on causing a caustic situation. This past Friday night I attended a wonderful free Gospel concert at Friendship Baptist Church with over 700 people attending this motivating, uplifting event. Would we not have been better to spend the time on the air and in the paper providing free exposure to such a magnificent event? As we all look inward to the cause of the events for today, perhaps we need to wonder the cause and effect of the free media exposure. The comments made by the Nazi members are disturbing, irrational and inflammatory and the best I could do was turn off the radio and put down the paper in embarrassment at the comments. As a candidate, I marvel at the multitude of great events available in Toledo and am amazed at how little coverage they receive in the news. But then, a great concert without a riot isn't nearly as exciting.

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