Sunday, February 18, 2007

Blind Obedience?

Quote from Conklin and Company Program on 2/18/07, Jim Tankersley regarding the attempt of the Lucas County Democratic Party reunite: “A lot can embarrass the party and they are also pointing to a section of the Party Code that says you need to support other endorsed Democrats and very clearly every time Frank Szollosi or Michael Ashford clash with Carty Finkbeiner, they’re not supporting an endorsed Democrat.”

It is the responsibility of every elected politician to debate every issue under their jurisdiction so informed decisions are made. It is not appropriate for any organization, person or group to expect blind compliance to the opinions of any other organization, person or group and I firmly believe that neither the members of the Lucas Country Democratic Party nor Carty Finkbeiner believes in such blind obedience by elected officials. If elected officials were expected to vote without question, then there would be no need for other than one person to govern.

"Difference of opinion leads to enquiry, and enquiry to truth; and that, I am sure, is the ultimate and sincere object of us both. We both value too much the freedom of opinion sanctioned by our Constitution, not to cherish its exercise even where in opposition to ourselves." --Thomas Jefferson